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How sit-stand furniture can help create a healthy home office


If you regularly work from home then you will be familiar with the problem of finding yourself sitting down for long hours at a time. This is an issue that office workers around the world encounter every day and it can be even worse at home. When you work in a home office, you have even fewer opportunities for exercise. Whereas commuters may walk or cycle all or part of the way to work, take a walk to get some lunch or drop into the gym on the way home, remote workers need to find alternative ways to keep fit.

Sit-stand office furniture is one effective way to incorporate more movement into your workday.

Sit-stand desk

Standing at your desk is an easy and effective way to start moving more while you work. Being able to vary your position as you work can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing. Standing has been shown to burn extra calories compared to sitting and helps break the dangerous cycle of a sedentary lifestyle. As the name suggests, this type of desk lets you sit for part of the day and then stand for part of it, making it easy for you to switch between the two throughout your working hours.

Active office chair

An exercise ball chair is a great way to combine your work with a workout! It helps you build your core muscle strength by forcing you to use those muscles to keep yourself upright to counteract the natural bounce and movement of the ball. The position improves blood circulation by opening up the angle between your legs and upper body compared to sitting on a regular seat and takes the pressure off the lumbar region to alleviate back pain. Improve your fitness further by doing simple Pilates chair exercises. You could also opt for a wobble stool or saddle chair, which offer similar benefits.

Desk bike

A desk exercise bike is designed to support active working by encouraging you to pedal while you sit at your desk. Unlike a normal exercise bike, it doesn’t have handles so you can still sit comfortably with your forearms resting on the desktop so you can still type. The idea is to maintain a low and steady speed in order to boost circulation and keep your body moving. There is no need to do a high-intensity workout, although, of course, there is nothing stopping you! The bike will track the speed and distance you pedal as well as calorie consumption, so you can set goals for yourself and stay motivated. It’s like having a home office and a home gym in one!

Active standing desk mat

While standing up, it is important to shift your position regularly. Active standing desk mats promote constant movement, which improves circulation, reduces fatigue compared to standing in one position and alleviates strain on your legs, knees and back. Alternatively, a balance board forces your body to work to stabilise you and keep balance while you stand. Balance training strengthens the muscles that help keep you upright including hip, leg and core muscles. These small movements add up through what is known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis (or NEAT) to help you burn additional calories and maintain a healthy weight.

To ensure your home office set up provides a healthy working environment you should also ensure you have a quiet dedicated space where you can concentrate properly to avoid the distractions that put you under undue stress; consider investing in an ergonomic office chair to reduce neck and back pain if and when you do sit down; and look at your lighting, ensuring you have as much natural light as possible and supplementing with a desk lamp where necessary.